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A Single Magic: Chapter Four

Title: A Single Magic – Chapter Four

Author: Pipenerd/ Mizstorge (2008)

Word Count: About 5,225

Genres: AU, Romance.

Summary: The War is over. Harry has vanquished Lord Voldemort but is just beginning to understand the nature of the magical bond between them. Chaptered. WIP.
My Beta: hobtheknife

Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling created and owns Harry Potter. (looks in mirror: Nope, not her.) Rights are held by JKR, Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic. Warner Brothers and goodness knows who else. If the fans had copyright, the series would be much more interesting! Not profiting, just enjoying.

Author's Notes: Yeah, I know. This chapter took a damn long time to write. Thanks for staying with me.

This chapter is dedicated to hobtheknife, my most loyal supporter, who helped make time for me to write, and to seventhpathogen.

Read the chapter here.
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