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Green Lightening

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Welcome to killinggreen

The Dark Ship - Harry Potter/Tom Riddle(Voldemort) Slash.

This is a community geared towards the darkest ship in the Harry Potter Universe: Harry Potter & Tom Riddle (Voldemort). Some would scoff at the notion but others would embrace it...this community is for the latter of the two.

Everything from fan fiction to fan art, challenges to plot bunnies, questions to general discussion is allowed as long as it pertains to Harry and/or Tom/Voldemort. All ratings, genres and lengths are allowed and welcome.

Harry Potter is Love
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Tom Riddle is Love
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HxT_Lightening - Group dedicated solely to the pairing of Harry Potter/Tom Riddle and/or Harry Potter/Voldemort.

SS Sssssss (FAPs Tom/Harry Forum)

Dystopia - A Riddle and/or Voldemort Archive.
Brillance - A Tom M. Riddle Fansite.

Other Harry/Tom Communities:
darklord_news - Fandom Newsletter For Tom Riddle and/or Voldemort.
hp_tmr_fics - A Harry/Tom Fan Archive

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